Meet the Shayestehs

We are the Shayestehs, a family originally from the San Francisco Bay Area committed to living in and serving the community we call home.

Sara is a high school science teacher in Belmont who grew up in the San Mateo area. Isaac is a veteran who continues to serve his country by working at the VA, and was raised in the nearby Palo Alto area. We also have two young children - two year old Soraya and 9 month old Daniel.

Isaac, Daniel, Soraya and Sara

It was very important to us to find a stable home that we could call our own, as our family continued to grow. Both our parents live on the Peninsula, therefore our goal was to stay as close as possible so our kids could grow up being close to their grandparents.

We had been searching for a home for quite some time, but as prices continued to skyrocket, it was getting more and more challenging to find a home we could afford. Then we learned about Landed over the summer and decided it was exactly what we needed -- a partnership that would allow us to access homeownership in a great neighborhood while also being close to work and our families.

A preview of our new home

A few weeks ago, with down payment support from Landed, we purchased and moved into a wonderful new home in San Mateo. It is centrally located to our work and family, with enough room for our growing family, and a backyard for our active little ones to explore. We envision the house being filled with love and laughter through the years, as our kids grow to call this house their “childhood home.”

Soraya and Daniel enjoying their spacious new bathub!

We hope our story helps others remain hopeful, even when faced with something as challenging as buying in our native Bay Area. It's indeed possible!

Signed: Sara, Isaac, Soraya and Daniel