Meet LaTanya and Ron

We are LaTanya and Ron, and we are the second homebuyers to purchase a home in the Denver area with Landed’s support. I (LaTanya) am a seventh grade math teacher, while Ron is a proud veteran, and we are deeply connected to Denver.

LaTanya and Ron in their new homeAs a Denver native, I spent twelve years as a student in the Denver Public School system. My tenth grade language arts teacher at George Washington High School inspired me to pursue a career in teaching. After my first year of teaching within DPS, I decided to return to school to get my master's and doctorate in education. Throughout my career, I have taught math, science, and drama across the Denver Metro Area.

We already owned a home, but it was far from the school where I teach. Teaching in Green Valley Ranch while living in Southeast Aurora was a challenge. The commute was just too long. Landed helped us achieve our goal of buying a house much closer to my school.

We were impressed with how smooth the process of working with Landed was. In the span of just over a month, we went from having just heard of a new program called Landed, to having our offer on our new home accepted.

Landed helped us get the additional down payment support we needed in order to buy a home that’s only a five-minute drive from my school.

If you work for a public school district, sign up with Landed to find out if you are eligible for down payment support.